When Insurtech Meets Coretech, the Customer Wins

Coretech: The Digital Insurance Platform for Customer-Centric Ecosystems

After a decade focused on internal efficiencies, insurers now are focusing on the customer experience and making it easier for customers to do business with them.

In 2020 and beyond, determining where to invest their technology budgets presents a conundrum for many insurers. Should they shore up their incumbent core systems with expensive upgrades, or invest in insurtechs? Either decision entails a commitment to creating and maintaining a growing number of complex integrations to systems and data to maximize the value of those investments. 

Coretech offers a better solution.

Coretech provides a digital insurance platform that allows insurers to:

  • Leverage cloud-native capabilities for unlimited scalability
  • Understand what makes each customer unique via CustomerCore™
  • Act on that knowledge via rich and built-in CRM capabilities in EIS Suite™
  • Deliver persona-based customer experiences via the DXP—our digital experience platform 
  • Join diverse insurance ecosystems through our microservices and thousands of APIs
  • Capitalize on happier and more loyal customers
  • Establish and maintain the flexibility to thrive in constantly changing markets
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