AIM Evaluation: P&C and Life PAS Vendors’ External Third-Party Data Integration Capabilities

An Aite Group Perspective
By Samantha Chow and Jay Sarzen, Senior Analysts

At the heart of any insurance carrier is its core platform or PAS. As the insurtech industry evolves, the number of ecosystems, tools, and data elements increase, creating more demand on these core systems to produce more and more integration points through APIs and microservice-based technologies

This report explores key trends within the P&C, life and annuity market, comparing leading PAS vendors and their overall competitive position, focusing on vendor stability, client strength, product features, and client services.

Learn the functionality necessary to meet goals associated with ecosystem development and the integration of third party data into the policy life cycle and which vendors excel, including EIS Group which came out the leading "best-in-class" vendor for life and annuity and achieved three "best-in-class" scores among P&C vendors.

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