Case Study: Move to a Single Policy Admin Platform Drives Growth for CSAA Insurance Group

Discover how CSAA Insurance Group improved customer service, savings and speed-to-market with a transformative, technology modernization strategy.

"The policy administration replacement was the linchpin of our strategies of growth and efficiency."

Scott Hunt

General Manager, PAS Software Development & Implementation

CSAA Insurance Group

This case study takes you on CSAA Insurance Group’s year-by-year journey to a modern technology environment based on a single, core policy platform. It shows you how a best practices approach enabled the insurer, which serves 17 million customers in 22 states and DC, to:

  • Move strategically from multiple, aging core systems to one modern platform for all products
  • Accelerate rate changes and product enhancements
  • Speed and improve responsiveness
  • Reduce policy costs
  • Increase system reliability
  • Boost infrastructure savings
  • Support growth
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