What Makes the Insurer of the Future? Your Ecosystem and Platform Strategy

Insurance is disrupted. Business models are changing beyond recognition as insurers rush to meet new customer needs and expectations.

But what is the new technology model that supports the insurer of the future who now needs to innovate and operate like a tech company: Fast. Simple. Agile.

In this webinar recording, find out why a digital ecosystem model allows insurers to adapt to the speed at which technology changes.

EIS Group and PwC provide the paths to success to become the insurer of the future. They will share the methodologies, architectures, and key milestones of the digital ecosystem of the future.


  • Brad Worth, SVP, EIS Group
  • Glynn Austen-Brown, Partner, PwC
  • Mark Minchin, Director, PwC
  • Robert Walker, Director, PwC
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