An SMA Perspective: Insurance and the New Era of Computing

Moving Beyond the Current Paradigm

The insurance industry, like every other industry, is being swept up in a massive wave of digital transformation. As insurers learn to adapt to the digital age, the technologies supporting it continue to evolve. Computing itself is changing and a new era is upon us. It will transform how companies throughout the insurance ecosystem meet their digital needs and support digital initiatives.
Some computing trends, such as microservices, are here today, and insurers need to be considering how to leverage them. Others, like 5G and advanced biometrics, will impact computing in several years, but insurers can plan now for how they will fit into their new digital organizations.
This white paper, based on SMA research, surveys, interviews, and insights from insurer engagements, explores the new computing trends already affecting the insurance industry, as well as those on the horizon. Find answers to:
  • What are the key new computing trends?
  • When can insurers expect to see their impact, and which hold the most promise for insurers looking to start exploring today?
  • What are key use cases for different lines of business?
  • What does the new era of computing mean for customer experience? 
  • What are the implications for insurers’ existing systems and data? 
  • What are the differentiation opportunities for insurers?
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